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Monday, July 12, 2010

7 Points must be rembered to be a successful Project Manager.

1. Lead From Front - The Project Manager must exibit as a leader. He has to lead the team from the front. Please remember that Human resources are the real asset in the Organization.

2. Respect Stakeholders and Keep Them Updated Many a times it has been observed that PM is not in touch with stake holder consistently. Please note that You have to keep stakeholders always updated. This will create trust of stake holders in PM and also if something goes wrong, they will come for rescue.

3. Monitor Project Progress on daily basis PM must obser the project progress contineously. In no time, he should keep himself away from the project. Please note that Daily Morning briefing to team a proved to be a strong tool to keep the project status updated. In every daily morning brief, the task for today should be defined and status of previous day task should be updated.

4. Promote learning within the team Project Manager must ensure that learning and working goes hand in hand. Unfotunately, some of the project managers just look for the work and does not raise any request for the training. Please note that a nicely conducted training has excellent impact on the project team members and they will be ready to do anything for you.

5. Prove a Good Link The Project Manager is a bridge between Sr Management and Project Team. He must ensure(at least try his best) that the required attention is given to the team members by management. This will help a lot to keep the moral of team up.

6. Look and monitor the new challanges PM should always be ready to accept the new challanges. In case he is not able to meet the challanges or not tracking the new expected challange then he is likely to loose the grip on project.

7. Strong Coordination PM must act as a strong coordinator among the project teams or within the team members. He must look for the participative management within the team. The success of the project majorly depends upon the members happiness.

I hope al above mentioned point are easliy understandable. Every PM must inculcate these points within himself to be a good manager.