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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Project Management The need of hour

From today, I am resuming to update my blog. The blog will revolve around project management and I will try to share all my knowledge which I attained through my experience. Many projects fails in today's arena ue to incompetency of project manager or non availability of effecient and competent project manager. The final word is that insufficient and uncontrolled project management came out a sole reason for half of failing projects. Since the India is growing very fast and many projects are in line and many projects will be coming in future. Without the proper Project Management it will be a wasteful efforts to think about the success of the projects. The future of the project management is really very challanging and excellent opportunities are on the cards. Let us get together and face this challange and embrace the coming opportunities. From tomorrow, please look for my blogs in new pattern. Keep reading and happy learning................