24 June 2011

5 Very Important Steps in BI Implementation.

Business Intelligence is the demand of contemporary era. There is one balloon blast post recession in terms of BI implementation. Many organizations are going for the BI implementation for a good visibility about the ongoing activities in organization. In my opinion following steps must be taken to make BI project a successful implementation.

1. Collect detailed requirements and add your comments as well. As a BI consultant it is your fundamental duty to appraise customer about the power of product and how it can be used for organizational Goal. Due to lack of knowledge at user end, many powers vested in a BI tool are not at all used. Therefore, the detailed study about the requirements must be done and your comments to be added. Your feedback should be approved by user and then only it should be added in to the project development.

2. Carry out strict stakeholder analysis. There are some users in every project implementation who are responsible for the failure of the project. They should be properly judged and a plan should be in place to handle such elements.

3. Carry out intensive training before go live. This training should also include about the detailed benefits of BI tool. How it is going to reduce the data collection time for managers and give then extra time for decision making. Also highlight the special features for analysis.

4. Plan for Change Management. You should be able to send information to all users that the idea of implementing the BI is not to highlight your mistakes, but it is to give a helping hand for decision making and giving clarity about the ongoing issues. This should facilitate the managers to plan for corrective and preventive actions in advance.

5. Involve the actual users during implementation(If possible). No BI is successful unless this is adopted by the actual users. If possible and situation permits, take actual users along with you in implementation. If not possible, at least keep them updated on current situation. This will help them to adopt the BI system easily.

The above steps are not exhaustive but are major point which should make a BI tool implementation as a success story from Project Management Point of view.


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