31 July 2018

How a Seed Variety May create a Nick Name for a Village or Area? Amazing Story

People in this village of Indian state were working hard to get out of the poverty. Mainly, they used to grow Sugarcane and wheat. Due to various unavoidable expenses like pesticides, chemical fertilizers, labour, transportation, equipment etc, they were spending almost 50% to 60% of the total production. Thus getting only 50% out of the total yield. Trying, Trying and Trying, but still were not able to get best yield and profits from the cropping system. Despite the fact the land is very fertile. However, on one fine morning, one person from village named Charan Singh came up with an idea of doing with carrot crop. He was advised by his friend and he visited a government agriculture institute in Delhi to get the details. And journey starts from here.....

Village named Soodna in Hpur district of Uttar Pradesh in India is popularly known as CARROT VILLAGE. The amount and quality of carrots this village is producing is highly acclaimed by many organizations like IARI. On such initiative, Soodna village was adopted by IARI and they were advised to use PUSA RUDHIRA variety of carrots to get best quality and excellent yield. IARI guided farmers to adopt integrated farming system and get best yield. Now see, how one variety changed the socio-economical arena of whole village. PUSA RUDHIRA gave whooping 393.5 Qtl of production in one hectare. This amounted to 2,64,286 INR yield from this variety which was 37% higher than other locally prevailing varieties. You can get more details about this variety here

You can buy these seeds online, if you are interested to look for this option. Super quality characteristics of this variety proved to be 18% high price earning in market. It was priced at 928 INR/Qtl which was 140 INR more than normal prevailing varieties. It has long red roots, deep red colored core and uniformity in shape. This is more sweetened with TSS value of 9.5 oBrix. During winters of 2012, another 20 farmers requested the seed of Pusa Rudhira and 200 kg seed was provided on cost basis. Consequently, Pusa Rudhira spread in about 60% area (90 acres) under carrot cultivation in the village within a year of its introduction. Enthused with the profits from Pusa Rudhira, carrot farmers adopted mechanized cleaning of carrots by procuring three cleaning machines on community sharing basis, which facilitated faster washing and also minimized damage to carrots. Higher productivity of Pusa Rudhira coupled with premium price in the next season provided farmers with an impressive net income of Rs 2,22,690.00/ha. Popularity of Pusa Rudhira has spread to different markets in Delhi and NCR. In rabi 2013-14, 120 acres (75%) of carrot area was under this variety. Since than it is dominating the market and change the livelihood style pf farmers in area. 

Amazingly, this is prefect example of how one advise coupled with right type of variety can change the sociao economic scenario of an area. If you are also interested to look around of this variety, you can buy seeds from www.buymax.in

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