30 July 2018

New Business Idea - Agriculture Planning and Consultancy. How to do it?

Ever since, highly educated professionals started entering in agri field, the options for jobs increased multi fold. Till now, Agri is considered as low paying job and treated as inferior type of job. Govt just boast Saying JAI JAWAN JAI KISAAN. But in real terms, farmers are treated as vote bank. However, now professionals are moving from exhausted professional life to agri based businesses. They are finding this area quite lucrative and growth oriented. Now many professionals are finding the agri domain as motivational force

There are many examples (some of them are finding space in leading News Papers) who have switched from air conditioned professional lives to heat stroke prone agri life. They are finding it very comfortable and earning very handsome amount. How the techno management professionals are integrating technology and management experience in Agri business, look at the example 

Just to start with, let me give my example itself. Currently, I am working with as Senior Manager in a well known and big MNC having base in more than 182 countries. But since, my childhood passed in shadow of agricultural activities, I have decided to get myself associated with agriculture again. Having 12 acre of highly fertile land in plains of India, until now, we are doing only conventional agricultural. Rice, Wheat and Sugar Cane are prime crops. When evaluated, it is not even yielding 5728 INR per acre per month. This absolute nonsense to continue with such activities. I persuaded my whole family and now agreed to switch to cash yielding crops . I have suggested and forced on below activities and changes.

  1. Switch to high profit yielding crops.
  2. Take calculated risks and earn more
  3. Mixed crops based production
  4. Water saving and water conservative techniques.  
  5. Techniques to reduce input cost and increase output to get more profits. 
  6. Environmental Friendly, Organic Farming (saving on chemical fertilizers and expensive pesticides).
  7. Tied up with big stores for supplies (Contract)
  8. Scientifically proven techniques and planned activities accordingly. 

After spending 18 years in Indian Air Force, 14 years in corporate and visiting appx 12 countries, I learned a lot. Now I am trying to apply the whole experience in agri based businesses. I hope to associated this business with a product launching and contract farming. We will talk on that topic some other day. Please share your comments on my planning and your inputs will be much appreciated. I recommend to watch below video and share your thoughts on rigorous planning, I have done to start the agri business. 

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