28 July 2018

Excellent Motivational Idea and great Stress Buster. Week End celebration for complete Family. Saving Money as well

Saturday early morning, My wife said to me that we need to decorate our home and let us plan for market today and buy some craft items. Its month end guys :) and very difficult to get the sopping trail for a salaried person like me. Suddenly, I came up with an idea and advised her to create something at home and decorate our drawing room with that. This was immediately accepted by my better half and children as well.. However, I had below objective in my mind

  1. Create something in house and it will save us from unwanted spending.
  2. Since we will create ourselves, we will care it the most.
  3. It will reflect our originality in it and we will boast to explain to others.
  4. Best part, it will keep all children busy and they will stay away for dirty electronic devices. 
  5. This will act as best stress buster for me as well.
  6. It will be a great weekend celebration with minimal expense.
  7. All family will sit together and it will create excellent bonding. 

While my lovely wife started preparation for breakfast, I started surfing internet to find best ideas to make some craft for home decoration. To my happiness, the internet is full of such ideas. But we were looking for some organic idea and once implemented, it should reflect originality. And finally we reached to a place and finalised some of the art on one YouTube channel itself. Your cal also have a look. Sharing the links below.
  • Best idea to Make a beautiful Dahlia Flower. :- Minimal expense needed. The output is excellent indeed. The results are really lovely one and it will be an affluent idea to make such flowers collect it in a basket and decorate. 

  • Prefect Crown for My Son  : Amazing explanation about creating a crown for babies. Since a great festival is celebrated in India for Lord Krishna's Birthday,. this crown is created on that occasion. This is really amazing. It showers unlimited love and blessings for babies when such crown is on their head. Really excellent. 

  • Prefect Dahi Handi Decorative Art and Craft : Another amazing decorative piece created with intent. Picture itself speaks about the beauty of this product. You can create with ease and use it as flower pot or just a decorative piece in your home. 
There are many such ideas on this Channel and you need to look at old videos. You will find really great stuff. Enjoy Craft making. Do Comment with your feelings, whether I did right or wrong by creating and environment in home. I think it will be really positive. 

Cheers. Thanks

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