27 July 2018

Where Professionals are Turning Their Heads and Why?. Big Analysis

This is common trend now-a-days that professionals are looking for other options as compared to their existing career. This is very true specially in the fields of IT/ITES sectors. Almost every day, I come across someone who is looking for an alternate option. He or she talks about new business opportunities, new ways to lead and live life, crippling about professional life etc. This made me to have a short research done and what I found is really amazing. Let me share with you.

You will be surprised to know where professionals are turning their heads and which areas they are targeting to get rid of existing working pattern. After a short research, I was just amused to see that many professionals from IT sector are looking great options and opportunities in Agro based businesses. This is generally a surprising element for any one who is already working in corporate and earning a handsome salary. So, why professionals/ technocrats are  looking for other options. I am putting some of the reason as per my thoughts


  1. Work life balance has completely vanished. 
  2. People are unable to spend quality time with their families.
  3. Due to long sitting work or sedentary life style, health started impacting badly. Multiple health issues are faced by by youngsters even.
  4. Peace vanished from individual life due to advent of technologies. This is probably worst impact of technologies.
  5. Money charm started loosing its shine.
  6. People are looking for quality life even in less payouts.
  7. Options are available to start the business and lead it.
  8. Options are available to get required finances.
  9. Innovative ideas are hamstring among groups. 
  10. No routine in working life due to high demanding businesses and complexity in cut throat competitions. 
Here main issue remains with people are not getting quality life and work life balance associated with good health. This is creating a strong belief that life comes only once and enjoy it. 


I have seen Agricultural associated businesses remain on top of the list. Few sectors where Technoes are targeting are listed below. I met some of very successful people who are really doing good. Also, I met some who are struggling.

  1. Fruits and Vegetables Growers.
  2. Providing Agri services like Agri Mechanization integrated with technologies. 
  3. Innovation in Agri to smoothen the process and fight against scarcity of labors. Collective Farming is one among them.
  4. Dairy Farming
  5. Fish Farming
  6. Rabbit Farming
  7. Pig Farming
  8. Horse Farming
  9. Silage Making
  10. Online Agri Stores
  11. Contract Farming
  12. Seeds Varieties Introduction (Research)
  13. Labour Contractors. 
  14. Agri Product Selling (Integration)
  15. Aggregation of Crops and use it as input in food  processing
  16. Food processing
  17. Agri Planning and Consultancy.
  18. Manufacturing of Agri based equipment. 
  19. Milk collection and Processing
  20. Organic Farming
List can be even bigger. You can share your thoughts in comment box. 

I hope this help you to understand the main issues behind which are turning technoes to look for other options. This is for companies to look better ways to allow individuals to lead a healthy life. Some of then are even working greatly in this area. 

Thanks a lot. Share your thoughts.

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