28 August 2018

10 Dangerous Apps. Remove Immediately from Your Mobile Phone

Advent of technologies has grown multi fold in recent times. Hundreds of thousand of applications are created in Google Play. There are some applications which may cause many serious issues in your phone. Some of the major concerns are 

  1. Data Like contacts, personal information etc stolen.
  2. Passing of financial information for misuse.
  3. Sharing your Locations
  4. Sharing your browser history
  5. Battery Drain out.
  6. CPU power burning
  7. Over Utilization of mobile Data
  8. and So on.....
I advise all to remove below apps immediately from your phone to stay safe in internet world. These are suspicious in nature

1. Weather Apps :- Almost all modern phones are pre-installed with these apps. No need to download additional weather apps. If you have installed fancy and unverified weather apps, please remove immediately Some of these apps collect the financial information from your phone and sends to attackers. In stead of location they also took permission to read your text messages. This gave two step authentication to hackers. Please remove them immediately. 

2. Social Media Apps :- While you are using Facebook, Twitter etc, please ensure you do not download any other recommended built in app. You must be knowing the case of Cambridge Analytica. They were stealing data trough these fancy apps like "How long you will Alive", "What you were in Last Birth", " When you will Die", "What are your traits" etc. They ask some questions and seek permission on your phone to steal the data and misuse it. Additionally, these apps sucks your phone memory and battery power. If you are not quite habitual using some social media app, just remove it and use through browser, if needed occasionally. 

3. Optimizer :- Phone/Memory optimizer like Clean Master or DU Battery are good for nothing. They just create fancy GUI and sucks hell lot of memory and CPU of your phone. Modern phone are having builtin feature in OS to tackle the lagging phone. These optimizer are absolutely useless. They claim to clear your cache and clear memory. But this facility is already available is modern phones.They just bring ads on your phone and make it slower.  Just remove them immediately. 

 4. Browsers  :- Only keep trusted browser in your phone. Many of browsers are not really effective in intercepting the data misuse. Browser like UC Browser found sending data to Alibaba servers to share your browsing history. This data is analysed to track you activities and shopping habits. Such browsers not only make your phone overloaded but also consume lot of internet data bucket. You can just uninstall them. 

5. Anti Virus :- There are many antivirus available on Google Plus from unknown sources like LOAPI. These are really dangerous. In stead of cleaning anti virus, they bring virus, malware or Trojans in your phone. This is best way used by hackers to steal the data. Anti Virus are developed by unknown developers and released. These not only sucks your phone but are very dangerous from safety and security point of view. Just remove such programs. 

6. Phone Memory Boosters :- These are just craps. There is no program or software which can increase the memory of any phone apart for allocated by manufacturer. Modern OS are capable enough to handle the memory. These boosters in fact bombard your phone with ads and make it crappy. Never use memory booster. In fact these types of apps are memory eaters. just uninstall them now.

7. Prank Apps :- Apps like lie detectors, BP Monitors, Sugar Monitors are just pranks. These apps collects your data and bombard your phone with ads. The results are useless as no phone is able to ready biological stats as of now. In future, if may though?. Please never installs such apps. These apps not only sucks your phone but also collect your valuable data for misusing it. 

8. De-fragmentation Apps  :- Such apps are absolutely useless. Smart phones does not have any hard drive to defragment it. These are completely useless and sucks phone CPU and memory. They may also steal your data. Beware !!

9. Music Players :- Almost every smart phone has music player pre-installed. If you are installing new music player and asking for contact or location or any such permission, just delete it. They should be only accessing the music files. If you are not satisfied with your built in music player, then only look for another app, else just avoid these. These are really dangerous. Can steal your data, heat up your phone, over utilize the data and so on.  

10. Fast Charging Apps  :-  There are many apps like DU battery saver and fast charge, promising boosting battery charging and battery optimizing. Specially an application cannot increase the charging speed of a gadget. However, what they do it send you huge amount of ads and may steal your data. beware and just uninstall these. 

There are some of categories of apps like utilities. Beware about the permission these apps ask for. Are they really need that permission. If you are not satisfied by yourself, just do not install. Stay alert and Stay Safe. 

Thanks. Keep Reading. 

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