03 August 2018

From Garage to World's number One. What an Amazing Journey of Apple!

Yesterday, should be remembered as a achievement day in world history. Apple surpasses 1 Trillion mark when its share traded at 207.05 USD. What an amazing feeling. Apple become world's first company to create Trillion Dollar Club. Let us see few milestones in whole 42 years of journey with multiple ups and downs like wave. Just sharing few highlights and little known facts about Apple. Also, sharing some little known facts about Apple.

  1. Apple was started by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in 1976 in Steve Job's Garage
  2. 1976 - First computer they launched was Apple-I priced at $ 666. 
  3. 1977 - Launched first computer with color graphics and in plastic case - Apple -II with a price tag of $1298
  4. 1980 - Went to public and share price registered as $22
  5. 1984 - Introduced first personal computer with price tag of $2495 and Macintosh OS
  6. 1985 - Steve Jobs left Apple after had a tussle with Chief Executive John Sculley. 
  7. 1991- First Portable Laptop from Apple named as Power Book introduced in market.
  8. 1996 - Really bad time for Apple. Share plunged drastically. Even touched $1Related image
  9. 1997 - After incurring huge losses Steve Jobs rejoined Apple and interim boss. Apple posted huge losses touching 1.3 Bn $
  10. 1998 - Apple turn around started here on. Under leadership of Steve Jobs, apple launched iMac Desktop with price tag of $1299. This was a super hit.
  11. 2001 - Despite rejected by industry, Apple started selling iPOD. It was another big hit.
  12. 2003 - Created iTune store for music in cloud as target.
  13. 2007 - Launched first iPhone with 1 Million sale in less than 75 days.
  14. 2008 - App Store created. 100 Million apps downloaded within 90 days.
  15. 2010 - iPAD launched.
  16. 2011 - Black day when Steve Jobs dies with cancer. 
  17. 2011 - Tim Cook took over.
  18. 2014 - Launched Apple watch. First of its kind product in market. 
  19. 2018 - Apple created history and become first 1 Trillion company.

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Little Known Facts about Apple

  • You cannot smoke near Apple computers. It voids warranty.
  • Apple maintains almost double the cash as compared to US treasury
  • Anywhere you look iPhone picture, the time will be 09:41. The product was launched at this time. 
  • Tony Fedell, first offered iPOD to Philips and Real Networks. It was turned down citing "no future"  
  • People says, Apple named as Steve Jobs used to love Apple. However, it has no mention.
  • Idea of iPhone started in 2004. Mission was code named as M68. It was really secret one.
  • When a person is working on new product. a wooden wall with frosted glass will be created around his desk. That is amount of security Apple maintains.
  • Apple launched Lisa computer in 1983. But it failed. 2700 computers were buried in Utah. 
  • For many years, Apple log was upside down on laptops before it changed in 1993.
  • One of original Apple computer was sold for $ 387000 in 2013
  • Despite Steve Jobs was founder, but he was fired from Apple in 1985.
  • Samsung manufactures retina display for apple iPad. 
  • Average salary of Apple employee is USD 1,25,000 around the world.
  • Alone iPhone sales numbers are higher than everything sold by Microsoft.
  • Apple has patent on Slide to Unlock feature of phone.
  • Bill Gates invested $ 150 million in Apple to save it from bankruptcy

Please share more such interesting facts in comment.

Thanks for reading.

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