07 August 2018

What Google Map is offering Specially for India? What are main features of Google Map?

Many of us must be using Google Maps while travelling by road. This is pretty handy and highly useful when you want to travel from one place to another and unknown about the destination route. Before, I proceed to disclose what google map is bringing a special feature for India exclusively, let me first take you through to some of the best usages / features of using google maps. 

  • Despite sometime erroneous results, google boast of 1 Billion active users today. Which is really huge number. This makes it most used navigation system in the world. 
  • Please ensure you have saved your home and work location in Google Maps. Also update your daily commuting time. It will always give you estimated arrival and traffic situation in your way of commuting, automatically. One of the best feature, I like. This is pretty helpful.
  • When you select a route and decides to proceed on that, it gives you as blue line. However, there are other alternate (gray) lines on the map which are alternate routes and you can chose as per your convenience. 
  • Street view is excellent feature. Though, it is yet to be launched in many countries. But this is one of the best feature to recognize your destination while sitting from home. 

Image result for street view google maps

  • It helps you to find the desired places nearby like hotels, restaurant, grocery store, shopping mall, bus stand, railway station etc. Just type or shout (Google assistant) " Restaurants near me". You will get the answer.

Related imageImage result for places near by me
  • Tap once and it will Zoom. But another great option is Tap Once and keep your thumb or finger on mobile screen and tap again. Now you have option to Zoom in and Zoom Out. 
  • You can also download your route plan while in WiFi zone and continue offline without wasting data limits. 
  • It also gives you the train timing in nearby station and how much time does it takes to particular station. Really amazing feature. 
  • By following Google Location History, you can view the route you have traveled. 

Related image

  • You have option to change the view like terrain or satellite.
  • And there are many more features which you can explore and take advantage of these.

Now let me tell you the feature Google Map is introducing specially for India. We are aware that about 70% commuter in India re using Motorcycles as private vehicle. Google is working to create special feature for Indian Bike riders, which will tell them the short cut roots as well. India will be first country to receive two wheeler vehicle mode. 

Image result for two wheeler mode google maps

This will tell you the shortest possible way through streets/ narrow road or pavements. This is going to be really amazing experience. Let us wait for the release. 

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