25 September 2018

Best Tips for Effective Personal Presentation. Are you Following?

In one of my post, I have talked about ways to create stunning presentations using some software like Power point and its special features. Technically, it is fine to create the excellent presentations. But how to present in front of large audiences is a challenge. Above and all how to present yourself is a bigger challenge even. Follow below tips to enhance personal presentation skills and present effectively in front of large audiences.  

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24 September 2018

Are you a Workaholic? What are Bad Impacts of being a Workaholic and how to treat?

Due to project timelines and critical demand in delivery, since the past many months, I was working for long hours. I started feeling the impact of this problem on my personal life and health. This made is to think about what I am doing. Thankfully, one of my UK friends told me that I must consider my job as a job only. And it is not my life. I was advised to maintain a good work-life balance. If impacted, the company will recover, but your health will not. I studied the patterns of the workaholic and sharing my thoughts on this phenomena with you all. 

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Image result for workaholicWikipedia says "A workaholic is a person who works compulsively. While the term generally implies that the person enjoys their work, it can also alternately imply that they simply feel compelled to do it." You may find some people working for long hours in the office. 

22 September 2018

Comparison between MS Outlook and Thunderbird. Which is Best for You?

Previously, we have talked about Free and the best alternative to MS Office. When you are setting up an office with minimal cost and lesser investment, definitely, you would be looking for some ways to minimize your cost and look for a better software solution. Let us find out best alternative to  MS Outlook and Lotus Notes email solutions.  Emailing has become an integral part of modern office work. Without email, the office cannot run. There are multiple paid and free solutions to manage office emailing. however, prominent are MS Outlook and Lotus notes. But, there is another excellent solution to emails using your domain. 

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21 September 2018

Top 5 Tips for Creating Effective and Stunning Presentation. Are you Following ?

We have seen many times that someone gets his audiences engaged and others failed to do so when giving a presentation. While you are climbing the ladder in your career, you will have to create and share presentations to various audiences. Therefore, you must know the best tips and tricks to create a very effective and result oriented presentation. 

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20 September 2018

Top 10 Airports in the World. Does your City find the Place?

Almost every country has modern and beautiful airports in current times. Every year, based on customer inputs, the list of top 10 airports is released. In 2018, the top 10 airports in the world are as follows. The list is based on airport customers from across the world during the 2017-2018 World Airport Survey.
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19 September 2018

What is Your Personality Type?. Do You Know?

A research was carried out at Northwestern University on Nature of Human Behavior. The research was carried out under the leadership of  Luis A.N AmaralIn this research, he has modeled four types of personalities found in the human behavior. What are those? Check under which category you are falling in?
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18 September 2018

10 Best Gadgets to Work Comfortably on Laptop/Computer. You must have with you.

Almost everyone is using a computer or laptop. However, after smartphone arrived in the world, people thought that Laptops and Computer usages will decrease. Though people started doing many things on the smartphone, it is almost difficult for a smartphone to replace laptops or PCs. In offices or when you are working from home, the laptop is must to have. Many companies, they issue laptops only. This facilitates the company for smoothening in work from home process and workforce management. But there are some challenges when you are working on a laptop or computers. Therefore, there are some of the most important accessories for laptop or computer, necessary for working comfortably. Let us take a look.

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17 September 2018

The Best Free Alternative to MS Office for your PC. Do you Use it?

The world is progressing with high speed in the area of technological innovations. Every day, a big list of software, applications or tools are getting created in the world. Many of the software is really expensive and need a good amount to invest in. However, there are communities in the world who are creating free software for use and using another business model to get the amount in their pocket. In my blog today, I am taking through to an office software which is the best alternative to MS Office. Literally, you do not need to spend even a single penny to use on your computer.

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15 September 2018

Top 8 Best Beauty Tips using Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV). Little Known.

Since ages, apple cider vinegar (ACV) is used to treat various ailments by doctors. It is also known as sweet cider, soft cider or simple cider. This is made from apples. Non-sweetened and unfiltered is known as best apple cider. This is non-alcoholic in nature and not to be confused with alcoholic cider. To make fresh apple cider, after washing apples, the apples are grounded into a mash. Layers of mash are wrapped in a cloth. After putting into racks, a heavy pressure applied. The juice comes out and flows through refrigerated tanks. This is apple cider vinegar or known as (ACV). Romans and Greeks have a history of using apple cider dating back to 55 BC or before. We are aware of the medicinal properties of apple cider. However, there are little-known beauty tips using apple cider, which are actually very beneficial. 

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14 September 2018

8 Must To Do Things to Avoid Failure in Startup Business

Entrepreneur bug is prevailing in current market conditions. Many people are starting or has started the business to be a successful entrepreneur.  Many are inline to start the business. First, we need to understand, why people are running to be a successful entrepreneur as against the cozy job roles. There are many reasons for that. Some of them are listed below.  

  • People find themselves tightly hugged within corporate showing off culture and wants to start something new.
  • Not convinced with the nine to five coupled lifestyle.
  • Want to convert passionate thoughts in reality. 
  • Their ideas are rejected citing unconventional or unrealistic. 
  • They want to create an earning for others as well by generating jobs. 
  • They are inclined to do things differently. 
  • Their thoughts are revolutionary and have a go-getter attitude. 
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13 September 2018

Top 10 Easiest Countries for Immigration.

There are three main words used in a similar situation about immigration in the world. 

  • Emigrate:- leave own country to live in another country.
  • Migrate: Move depending on the situation like weather or so on. Birds migrate in winter.
  • Immigrate: Shift to another country to live permanently. 
It is the situation, based on that one should choose the word. Here, we will be talking about the immigration.
However, before starting a discussion on Top 10 countries having good ranking for immigration, let us first understand the main reasons why people immigrate to other countries.  

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12 September 2018

Will Air Taxi Add Values to Indian Commuting Trend

A well-known fact and alarming as well that India is leading the world in road deaths. There are many reasons for this state. The traffic situation is really bad in major cities like Delhi, Bangalore etc. Sometime to travel your office distancing 5-7 KMs may take more than 30 minutes due to traffic snarls. Many times, it is a good idea to go by walking instead of taking a taxi to your destination. However, companies like Uber found business opportunity in this major issue as well. Uber is considering to launch an air taxi service in India. Now let us see whether it will be a success or not?. Let us go through a status realty check first.

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11 September 2018

An Indian Woman - Famous for Organic Farming

The world thinks that Indian women are not allowed to do many things and the remain in veil almost all the times. That is true that as compared to some western countries, the women in India are encompassed into circle of traditions. However, there are unaccounted examples where Indian women displayed her might. Be in in field of active defense forces, aviation, science and technology, police forces or administration services, every where you will find a big participation of Indian women. In this blog, I will sharing a story of an Indian women who is leader is Organic Farming. She will be honored by PM of India soon. 

जैविक फलों की खेती के लिए देशभर में मशहूर है ये महिला, पीएम मोदी करेंगे सम्मानित

10 September 2018

Loose 2 - 5 Kg Weight in a Week by using Highly Effective and Lesser Known Home Remedy.

Weight loss is everybody's desire. Everyone wants to look slim and trim. Additionally, weight flab on your body may show signs of some coming disease. If the weight is more than recommended weight, increased are chances of having CVDs (Cardio Vascular Diseases ) or Diabetes or knee pain or join pain. Therefore, the recommended weight should be maintained. However, it does not correspond to every case. Though the remedy, I am suggested below is perfectly working and very easy to use, but I would suggest to see a doctor, if you are suffering from a chronic health issue.

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09 September 2018

Incredible Indian Rice Variety that Does Not Need Cooking.

India is full of amazing and incredible facts which are sometime not believed by world. However, when researched with scientific support and mechanism, these are found to be true or near to truth. Another such incredible fact is that there is a rice variety found in Assam which can be eaten without cooking. Is that really amazing. Few days back Government of India also gave it GI Tag. I am going to solve some of the questions.

  • What is this variety of Rice, which can be eaten without cooking.
  • What is meaning of having GI Tag
  • How it can be eaten without cooking.
  • How you can get it
Rice in White Ceramic Bowl

08 September 2018

Top 10 Home Remedies to Reduce Cholesterol Level

Studies have determined that high level of Cholesterol is main factor of heart disease. Cardiovascular disease (also known as CVDs) are becoming a booming factor in the world.  Some of the key factors given by WHO as on date are really alarming. 
  • CVDs are the number 1 cause of death globally.
  • More people die annually from CVDs than from any other cause.
  • An estimated 17.7 million people died from CVDs in 2015, 
  • Over all  31% of all global deaths dies with CVDs. 
  • Out of these an estimated 7.4 million were due to coronary heart disease and 6.7 million were due to stroke. 

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There are some precautions, home remedies and regular exercise which can keep you away from CVDs and help in maintaining desired Cholesterol. Let us find out

31 Best Places to Share and Promote your Blog or YouTube Videos

Your blog or YouTube channel cannot be popular unless these are shared on multiple platforms. The contents could be really the best, but unless that is shared with folks, it has no reach-ability to public and has no meaning. Many times, bloggers, creators are confused and dishearten because despite excellent contents they are not able to get enough traffic to their website or YouTube channel. I am helping people and myself as well by providing the list of places where you can share your contents to generate traffic and increase reach-ability.

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07 September 2018

10 Best Tips to Speed up Windows 10 based Computer's Performance.

Windows 10 version of Operating System from Microsoft releases updates very frequently. It has many added functionalities and functions. Many of them are not even used by majority of users and are just occupying your space in disk. Many services are not required but are running in background and causing performance issues is windows based systems. This operating system is not only bulky but also demands more computer resources to run. If the resources are not managed adequately, it will caused performance issues. Many users using windows 10 operating system, faces performance related issues. Below are 10 best tips to enhance and improve your PC performance running on windows 10 operating system. 

06 September 2018

A Clove of Garlic under your Pillow and See unbelievable effects.

Garlic, a super food on earth. It has special mention since centuries. Due to its medicinal properties and amazing benefits, it is used in Egyptian, Indian, Italian, Chinese or Japanese cuisine since a long time. In modern time, almost every part of the world, the Garlic is used in cooking food. Due to huge health benefits, but bad smell, it was called as stinking rose. It finds it mention in documents dating back to 5000 years. Have a look at nutritional values of Garlic. 

25 ~ 28 Gram of Garlic in raw form contains:- (Details)

New Business Idea - Technology in Untouched Sector

In one of my previous post, I describe the new business opportunities in a sector which is still full of opportunities and remains untouched from bigger corporate. The domain is full of untouched opportunities and there are big numbers of problems which can be sorted out with the help of digital platform. Today, I came to know a company which has already jumped in this arena and started working in India. Initially, they have chosen Haryana and Punjab for this service. The thought process is really nice and vision is based on well researched and surveyed data points. What is that. Let me explain. You can watch Hindi VLOG here. 

04 September 2018

[ What is Survival Kit ] - A Must Have Item to Fight against Emergencies

We are hearing about some or other kind of natural calamities almost often in some or other part of the world. Earthquake, Tsunami, floods, typhoons etc are some of natural calamities forms we are receiving. IN such a case, the whole family or person is caught unaware. In such a situation, it is thought that there should be some kind of pre-settled kit available at home which can be life saving in such a situation. 

People go for tracking, hiking, racing or any such out door activities. They may fall pray to wrong situation. Bangkok school children's football team is real example of such situation. Therefore, to overcome that situation and get something real handy for self help, I found a wonderful survival kit. Let me explain about its characteristics and I will also guide you from where you can procure it. Watch HINDI VLOG Here

10 Must Have Tools at Home for Emergency Repairs and for DIY Projects

Everyday we encounter some or other petty problems related with home infrastructure. For every small thing, you cannot call a electrician or a plumber or any such mechanic. This is very time consuming as well as this is not economical as well. Home maintenance services are really expensive affair and also keeps to depending upon them for a small work which can you complete yourself otherwise. To over come many untoward situations and keep life cool, you should have some tools handy at your home. This also help in many other works like school projects or children hobby. However, the tools should be operated by children in absolute care of parents. Below are 10 must have tools at home. You can watch VLOG in HINDI of this blog.


Sun Rock Sunrock Stubby Claw Hammer 8 Oz With Fibreglass Handle And Black Head
Probably, one among the most important tools at home. It is so handy that you will need in your home's every department like kitchen, bathroom, roof, rooms and so on. This tool is of many type. But you should look for one which has duel purpose. You can buy this tool from HERE

02 September 2018

[WOW] - 10 Best Free Movies and Videos Streaming Websites.

The internet domain is full of many things which are free for users. The business objective could be different, but as a user, you are able to get movies free of cost. Many such movies which have fallen in public space are available at these sites. Many of them are Legal and valid. Let me take you through to such best websites which provides free movies or videos streaming to users. You can also Watch this Blog Post in Hindi

1. Veoh

This is best alternate to YouTube. This site is full of  movies and video. The model is almost same like YouTube. Many old classics are available here for free to watch. 

01 September 2018

11 Secret Function / Codes in Phone. Dial In...

Mobile phone has become our inevitable companion in modern time. I think, there will be hardly any person in the world who remembers and uses all the functions of a phone. By pressing certain key combinations, you can execute a function which may not be known to you otherwise. I am taking you through to some of the hidden functions which are really useful in some or other ways. However, be cautious when using some of these functions. You can watch theses function in Hindi Video here

1. Find IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity Number) 

Dial Code : *#06#

Available on : Android and iPhone

Image result for sample phone IMEI

Top 10 Most Valuable Currencies of the World

Previously, the gold reserve with any country was a major factor for determining the value of a country. In Current international scenario, there are three major ways to determine the value of any currency.

1st :- Currency value against US Dollar.

2nd :-Value of Treasury notes which can be easily converted into Dollar through secondary market

3rd :- Foreign exchange reserves with any country.

Based on 1st parameter, below are 10 most valuable curries in the world today (01 Sep 2018)

How to Install Latest Updates and Check for Virus, Malware, Adware ? | Speed Up your Computer

Till now we have discussed 7 tips to speed up your PC. In the segment "Adopting and Applying Best Practices", I am going to tell y...