04 September 2018

10 Must Have Tools at Home for Emergency Repairs and for DIY Projects

Everyday we encounter some or other petty problems related with home infrastructure. For every small thing, you cannot call a electrician or a plumber or any such mechanic. This is very time consuming as well as this is not economical as well. Home maintenance services are really expensive affair and also keeps to depending upon them for a small work which can you complete yourself otherwise. To over come many untoward situations and keep life cool, you should have some tools handy at your home. This also help in many other works like school projects or children hobby. However, the tools should be operated by children in absolute care of parents. Below are 10 must have tools at home. You can watch VLOG in HINDI of this blog.


Sun Rock Sunrock Stubby Claw Hammer 8 Oz With Fibreglass Handle And Black Head
Probably, one among the most important tools at home. It is so handy that you will need in your home's every department like kitchen, bathroom, roof, rooms and so on. This tool is of many type. But you should look for one which has duel purpose. You can buy this tool from HERE

Generic AndAlso Multi Functional Hand Tool KitThis particular tool is manifested with military concept. It has multiple tools associated. However, due to smaller size, it may not be that  efficient. However, it can really be very helpful when you are going on a tracking, short trip or need minor repair at home. 

Tools Included: 
  • 1 hammer, 
  • 1 axe, 
  • 1 pair of pliers, 
  • 1 saw, 
  • 1 wire cutter, 
  • needle nose pliers, 
  • 1 philips head screwdriver, 
  • 1 hexagonal screwdriver, 
  • 1 can opener

Your can buy this tool from HERE

Cordless Drill Machine is very handy at many occasions. It is best tool for DIY projects. You must have this tool at home. But please esnure to buy good quality products. This Cordless drill can be used for drilling into wood, metal and plastic. It can also be used for screw-driving purposes. It also comes with a set of accessories for various needs

You can look this item HERE

Freemans 8" Combination Plier And 5&Quot; Wire Stripper

You are at home and watching an interesting sports event or working tirelessly for very urgent official work. Suddely, power fuse blown off or socket of your lamp burnt out. Are you going to wait for electrician to come or you will DIY. To DIY, you need Pliers and Wire Stripper. Off course some more tools. But this is main one. But ensure to keep out of reach of the children. They may hurt themselves. 
You can buy it from HERE

Black & Decker A7073 Battery Powered ScrewdriverI am sure, you are going to need this item almost every week for one or other task. The screw driver contains various types and size of screw driver bits which will be very useful in almost every DIY work you are doing at home. Ensure to buy a good quality one to avoid accidents or damage. 
You can buy a good quality screw driver set HERE

Steelgrip PVC Electrical Insulation Self Adhesive Tape,1.8cmx7mx0.125mm (Red) - Set of 30
Self Adhesive electrical tapes are necessary to avoid any electric shocks. Also, these are used to tie up many things temporarily. During DIY projects or any electric work at home, the tape is necessary as you cannot leave an electrical point open. Which can be really dangerous, if not covered properly. Ensure to buy a good quality tapes as this is really important to have a good quality insulation. 

However, you can buy it from HERE

This spanner comes with a wrench of 6 inches. Therefore it allows you to perform complex technical work with ease. You do not need to buy separate sets of spanners which will be expensive as well difficult to maintain at home. This adjustable spanner comes with a laser mark scale. This laser mark scale helps to observe adjustments conveniently. This makes the spanner very convenient to use
You can buy it from HERE

Ingco Heavy Duty Industrial 14" Pipe Wrench
This item is very useful in bathroom or any round pipe you want to work with. Additionally, this can also be used as Spanner in some cases. 

The product is made of heavy duty cast iron body and has to be thick and strong. The tool has teeth and thus easily can hold round shaped items. If you are really looking to do something in your bathroom or catch hold of some round items during any Do It Yourself project, please do not forget this tool. 

You can buy it from HERE

Taparia MDT-81 Multi Purpose Digital Line TesterThis is life saving device. The tool must be maintained in good condition always. Before working on any electric appliances or working on electric line, you must first test the supply of current. If current is there, you should not work, if you are not qualified. The tool tell you about the flow of electric current in any wire or appliances, It will help you to check  voltage range, locate break point of an insulated wire and check flow of current in an insulated wire from outside.

You can buy it from HERE

Stanley STHT36067-812 5-meter Tough Case Tape
Generally, not considered important, it is a tool of paramount importance. It can save your time, material and labor. This is useful for almost every house hold and on any kind of DIY project. Without measurement, nothing will progress literally. Generally, you will find locking mechanism in such tapes and ensure this should be certified by certifying authority. 

You can buy from HERE

If you feel that maintaining single and individual tool is Herculaneum task and will demand more time and efforts to purchase and maintain, you can also buy a complete kit for Home. The kit has almost every tool needed for a home or DIY project. One such TOOL KIT YOU CAN BUY FROM HERE
This tool kit is complete in itself. It consists of 
  • 1-Piece Screwdriver, 
  • 1-Piece Hammer, 
  • 7-Pieces Screwdriver Bits, 
  • 1-Piece Plier, 
  • 1-Piece Wrench 
  • 1-Piece Measuring Tape

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