20 September 2018

Top 10 Airports in the World. Does your City find the Place?

Almost every country has modern and beautiful airports in current times. Every year, based on customer inputs, the list of top 10 airports is released. In 2018, the top 10 airports in the world are as follows. The list is based on airport customers from across the world during the 2017-2018 World Airport Survey.
top 10 best airports in world

The report is based on a survey conducted by World Airport Awards. As per the extract provided by the website - "The Skytrax World Airport Awards are voted for by air travelers in the largest, annual global airport customer satisfaction survey. The survey is operated as an independent study." It was a mammoth survey.
  • 550 Airports across the world
  • 100 Different nationalities responded
  • 13.73 Million Airport Survey Questionnaires
  • 7 Different product and services parameters
  • Aug 2017 to Feb 2018 duration
  • Applied Scientific method for analysis.
  • Independent agency conducted the survey.

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  • The airport is serving 98 airlines 
  • 250 destinations in 105 different countries, 
  • The base of Lufthansa Airlines. 
  • It is the largest airport in Germany 
  • Third biggest in Europe. 
  • Third passenger terminal construction is in the planning
  • This Airport has a direct connection to the European high-speed network of German Rail. 


  • Zürich Airport is the largest international airport of Switzerland
  • The principal hub for Swiss International Air Lines.
  • Zurich Airport, also known as Kloten Airport
  • It is situated at a distance of 11 minutes journey from city center by train.
  • Zurich is the biggest city of Switzerland
  • There are over 80 shops for you in the Airside Center. Seven days a week
  • It will take you a maximum of 30 minutes
  • It takes appx 30 minutes to get from the check-in desk to the gate

    Image result for LONDON HEATHROW AIRPORT
  • London Heathrow Airport is the busiest airport in the UK.
  • The busiest airport in Europe by passenger traffic
  • Having been the world’s busiest airport for international passengers.
  • It has recently lost this title to Dubai Airport. 
  • In 2018, Heathrow Terminal 2 was voted the World's Best Airport Terminal.
  • The seventh busiest airport in the world by total passenger traffic
  •  In 2017, it handled a record 78.0 million passengers, a 3.1% increase from 2016.
  • Four operational terminals on a site that covers 12.27 square kilometers (4.74 sq mi).

  • In 2014,  9.8 million passengers traveled through.
  • Central Japan International Airport in Nagoya, better known as Centrair. 
  • The airport has a large domestic traffic percentage, with a number of regional routes operated to Asiana cities such as Bangkok and Singapore. 
  • Longer haul routes include Helsinki, Frankfurt, Honolulu, and Detroit. 
  • Centrair was named the World's Best Regional Airport in 2018.

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  • Munich Airport is the second busiest airport in Germany.
  • The secondary hub for Lufthansa German Airlines. 
  • Munich Airport has connections to destinations all over the world
  • Having over 150 retail stores.
  • Appx 50 places where you can eat and drink.
  • it’s like a city center
  • Offering travelers and visitors plenty to see and do. 
  • Munich was named the Best Airport in Europe for 2018.

  • Hamad International Airport is the international airport for Doha
  • Doha is the capital city of Qatar. 
  • The existing terminal can accommodate up to 30 million passengers annually
  • It has been described as the most architecturally significant terminal complex in the world
  • Also described as being the most luxurious. 
  • Hamad International Airport was evaluated as the Best Airport in the Middle East in 2018.

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  • Hong Kong International Airport serves over 100 airlines. 
  • Operating flights to about 180 locations worldwide, 
  • It includes 44 destinations on the Chinese Mainland. 
  • It is former, multiple winners of the Airport of the Year title at the World Airport Awards. 
  • Hong Kong International Airport was voted the World's Best Transit Airport 
  • Also voted world's the Best Airport for Dining.

    Image result for HANEDA airport
  • Boasting both domestic and international terminals
  • Tokyo International Airport Haneda plays a very important role in furthering Japan’s development as a tourism-oriented nation. 
  • Haneda Airport was voted the World's Cleanest Airport
  • And also World's the Best Domestic Airport in 2018.

    Image result for INCHEON  airport
  • Incheon International Airport is the largest airport in South Korea.
  • One of the busiest airports in the world. 
  • It is a former winner of the Airport of the Year title at the World Airport Awards. 
  • Incheon International Airport was named the winner of the World's Best Airport Staff award in 2018.
  • Seoul Incheon International Airport is the world's seventh-busiest airport by international passenger traffic annually
  • the primary airport serving the Seoul Capital Area

  • Singapore Changi Airport connects customers to over 200 destinations worldwide.
  • With 5000 arrivals and departures a week
  • 80 international airlines operate.
  • In 2017, Changi Airport celebrated a key milestone, serving 60 million passengers from close to 100 countries around the world. 
  • Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the shopping and dining areas of the Transit Hall, is the Sunflower garden. 
  • The garden features several varieties of sunflowers grown in Changi Airport's very own nursery. 
  • Admire the majestic view of the runway and aircraft parking bays from this rooftop haven.
  • Changi Airport is the major civilian airport for Singapore, and one of the largest transportation hubs in Southeast Asia.
  • Singapore Changi Airport is the world's sixth-busiest airport by international passenger traffic annually

One point is really surprising that out of the top 10 airports in the world, Five are in Asia only. None of the airports from the USA finds the place in the list. The list is compiled based on inter research mechanisms. 

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