28 June 2011

Mango Bulz - Food and Cooking


I am found of new and delicious foods. I always try to make something new and special. Sometimes it goes well but sometime, I have to listen some downsizing words from my wife. Last Saturday, I tried to make a new dish and I named it Mango Bulz. Fortunately this become delicious and I was able to convenience my family that I am a good cook. I would like to share the same with you guys as well. Following are the steps.

For Stuffing

1. Take a ripe Mango and peel of the skin.
2. Take out the pulp in grinder and add some brown sugar and nuts(crushed) of your choice.
3. Grind well. Try without adding water.
4. Leave it is freezer to make a thick pulp.

For Making Dough

1. Take one cup of fine flour (Maida).
2. Add little salt, Ajwain.
3. Add small amount of oil.
4. Add pinch baking powder.
5. Make a soft dough.

Making of Mango Bulz

1. Take a small pie of dough.
2. Flat it with pastry roller.
3. Make a small well in center of the rolled dough.
4. Put one spoon full of Mango Pulp (taken out from Freezer and in thick form).
5. Bind with out allowing pulp to come out(If pulp is out it will not bind).
6. Two Options you have (Microwave , I did so) or just fry it.
7. Put it in microwave for 8 minutes else fry it out.
Wait till it comes at room temperature.

Enjoy with family and friends.

I hope you liked it. Please comment.
Thanks for preparing. Please share your experience.

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