29 June 2011

What are the Importances of Good Communication for Project Managers

It is always said that a Project Manager spend his appx 70-80% time in communicating. The modes of communication could be different but statics seems to be correct. As a project management professional, I am experiencing the same. My most of the time is going in communicating and and just communicating.

I was watching Nat Geo channel where they were showing the Nuclear Disaster took place at Chernobyl in Russia. When I followed the story in detail the final outcome was a communication failure. Had a good communication was maintained between the water pumping engineer and Uranium control rod controller, the disastrous could have been averted. It is also said that future war will be won by that country where the communication is pretty strong.  By following same lines and my previous experience, I am fully agreed with this line.

Same way the importance of communication can be felt in a Project. The root cause of many projects failure leads to communication failure. The inadequate communication is a big bug in project success. Same time over communicating is also a big threat to project success. The thin line between these two parameters must be recognized by project manager and he should communicate effectively. That is the crush of the core. If a project manager can communicate effectively, he can also manage effectively. I am sure about this. In my next post I will be writing about different modes of communication (rather effective communication).

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