03 July 2011

Why My PC is So Slow?

Advance Window Care The usages of PCs(Personal Computers) have increased many folds in recent years. The lowering hardware cost with more powerful devices has added further demand in this segment. I am a computer user when the memory (HD) size was just 256KB. Today the size is in GBs. Then response time has become very fast. But I was experiencing that my PC has become very slow. This is 2 years old Laptop with 4GB Ram and was functioning well. When I further studied my system and took actions my system is working fine. I would like to share for your knowledge also(may be).

1. The disk was fragmented.

2. The RAM was increased to 4 GB, but as this was 32 bit OS, it was not utilizing full RAM.

3. PageFile was improperly set.

4. Too Many temporary files were available on system.

5. Too Many services were running and consuming too many resources.

6. Many unwanted programs were running in startup itself.
I fixed these issues and now the system is running fine.

1. I de-fragmented my disk. Also I created two partitions and now I am keeping my all documents in one drive and all system files in C drive.

2. The OS to 64 Bit could not be changed and stil it is 32 Bit only.

3. Page file was changed 1.5 times than RAM. Clikc Here to find out the way.

4. All Temporary files were removed.

5. Following unwanted services removed.

    a. Indexing Service

    b. Help and Support

    c. Error Reporting

    d. Automatic Update. (May be you can disable other unwanted services. But be very careful).

6. Many Unwanted program removed from startup.

To Carry out action # 4,5 and 6, I used Advance Window Care tool(free version).
Thank God!. System is running fine now without increasing or changing any hardware.

The results are good. Please try and then your feedback is requested. If you have something to share, please add in comments to others to use.

01 July 2011

Project Cost Estimation Accuracy

Many time I experienced a dilemma when user is asking for estimated cost of Project instantly. As a project manager, It become utmost importance to say anything because, if it is over estimated you are going to have a bad name or may loose the project. If it is under estimated than your project will be a loss making lad. In my opinion to overcome such situation, we should give estimated cost but also update the user about the Accuracy tolerance in Cost Estimation. This will help user to be ready for listening something else when actual cost estimating is done. This will also help a project manager to throw away the unwarranted burden over head. As per prevalent market conditions, following is the accuracy in project cost estimation.

1. Rough Order of Magnitude - (-50% to 100% )against projected cost estimation.

2. Order of Magnitude  - (-25% to 75%).

3. Budgeted Estimates - (-10% to 25%).

4. Definitive Estimates - (-10% to 15%).

Project Manager must understand the time of giving estimates and accordingly explain about the accuracy. The magnitude of estimation accuracy can be decided based on the project phase. The more close you are to the project definitive estimation more accuracy is available.

Please do not forget that the progress is project and cost of changes is directly proportional.


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