31 July 2018

How a Seed Variety May create a Nick Name for a Village or Area? Amazing Story

People in this village of Indian state were working hard to get out of the poverty. Mainly, they used to grow Sugarcane and wheat. Due to various unavoidable expenses like pesticides, chemical fertilizers, labour, transportation, equipment etc, they were spending almost 50% to 60% of the total production. Thus getting only 50% out of the total yield. Trying, Trying and Trying, but still were not able to get best yield and profits from the cropping system. Despite the fact the land is very fertile. However, on one fine morning, one person from village named Charan Singh came up with an idea of doing with carrot crop. He was advised by his friend and he visited a government agriculture institute in Delhi to get the details. And journey starts from here.....

30 July 2018

New Business Idea - Agriculture Planning and Consultancy. How to do it?

Ever since, highly educated professionals started entering in agri field, the options for jobs increased multi fold. Till now, Agri is considered as low paying job and treated as inferior type of job. Govt just boast Saying JAI JAWAN JAI KISAAN. But in real terms, farmers are treated as vote bank. However, now professionals are moving from exhausted professional life to agri based businesses. They are finding this area quite lucrative and growth oriented. Now many professionals are finding the agri domain as motivational force

There are many examples (some of them are finding space in leading News Papers) who have switched from air conditioned professional lives to heat stroke prone agri life. They are finding it very comfortable and earning very handsome amount. How the techno management professionals are integrating technology and management experience in Agri business, look at the example 

29 July 2018

Not Filed Income Tax Return. What are the Great Personal benefits you will be loosing? Detailed Analysis.

Govt of India announced extension of Income Tax Return Filing to 31 Aug 2018. If you are not able to file upto 31 Jul 2018, you have a great chance to file the Return. Govt announced that 68 Million people filed return in 2017-2018 as against 54 million in 2016-2017. What are those benefits which you will be loosing, if you are not filing your income tax return. As per Govt rules, it is mandatory to file Income Tax Return, if your income is more than 2,50,000 INR. You can File Income Tax Return online by Visiting Income Tax Department Website. It is very easy and any individual can file with little knowledge.  Though, there are many associated social and legal implications by evading tax filing, but at personal front also you are loosing many benefits.

28 July 2018

Excellent Motivational Idea and great Stress Buster. Week End celebration for complete Family. Saving Money as well

Saturday early morning, My wife said to me that we need to decorate our home and let us plan for market today and buy some craft items. Its month end guys :) and very difficult to get the sopping trail for a salaried person like me. Suddenly, I came up with an idea and advised her to create something at home and decorate our drawing room with that. This was immediately accepted by my better half and children as well.. However, I had below objective in my mind

27 July 2018

SRIMAN Policy - Is it Good ideas or Bad Calculation?

In field of Science and Technology only 6% equipment are manufactured within country. Rest all are imported on very heavy expenses. Many of these equipment are used once and then kept aside after project is over. Since the maintenance of these equipment are very expensive therefore, these are hardly maintained and remain just unused till their death. This practice is running since longer time and no one paid any attention towards this. Now Govt of India has brought as policy to get rid of this expense and utilize the equipment in proper way.  India has made significant achievements in the scientific field since its Independence but much more is possible. For example, limited use of expensive RI. It leads to inefficient use of public expenditure which a country like India can ill afford. 

Just focusing on prefect procurement of these equipment are not enough. But there must be practices which helps to make such equipment available in vicinity at very affordable price and without loosing any money with ill planning. To over come previous situation and give wings to new system, Govt of India introduced a policy called SRIMAN ( Scientific Research Infrastructure Management and Networks) . The main features of this policy are

  1. To address various issues for effective utilization of its research infrastructure. 
  2. Procurement and maintenance of equipment and infrastructure for research 
  3. Providing access and sharing of scientific equipment and infrastructure 
  4. Disposal of scientific equipment and infrastructure 
  5. Capacity Building of operators and technicians for efficient operations 
  6. Monitoring of usage of expensive scientific research infrastructure•
  7. Infrastructure Management for efficient operations 
  8. To promote creation of a regional ecosystem, by galvanizing relevant stakeholders of scientific research infrastructure that provides wider access to scientists, researchers and industry professionals across the country. 
  9. This will also help in creating a pool of trained operators for operation and maintenance of the equipment.
  10. Scientific research is kept out of its ambit.
  11. It will be created at Regional Level.
  12. A force of skilled manpower will be created and it will act like pool.
  13. Knowledge Sharing will be imminent part of this policy.
  14. Sharing of equipment through a online portal. Which will show availability and location of equipment
  15. One equipmennt can be used at multiple location with proper management
  16. import will be reduced drastically.


  1. Facilitate the Simplified but smarter ways of procurement and maintenance of scientific equipment and infrastructure. 
  2. Providing greater access to instruments funded by the Government of India and its agencies through a network all over the country. 
  3. Providing a framework for smarter ways of disposal of dated equipment and infrastructure 
  4. Providing a framework to improve and promote efficiency of operations of research infrastructure 
  5. A broad template to monitor utilization of expensive research infrastructure. 

  1. All scientific departments and agencies of the Government of India and grantee agencies 
  2. All Ministries and Departments of the Government of India and its agencies and organizations that support development of scientific research infrastructure. 


  1. Maximizing use by providing equity of access. 
  2. Ready access to government funded scientific research infrastructure will enable more extensive and optimal use of a valuable public resource for the benefit of the community. 
  3. By facilitating sharing of scientific research infrastructure and broadly monitoring utilization, duplicate purchasing of expensive scientific equipment will be avoided resulting in significant cost savings in research. 
  4. This will also facilitate a mechanism to monitor the creation and maintenance of research infrastructure. 
  5. Sharing of expensive public funded scientific research infrastructure will improve the efficiency of the public expenditure 
  6. Help reduce brain drain. 
  7. This will provide enhanced access to scientific research infrastructure to scientists, researchers and industry professionals. 

Where Professionals are Turning Their Heads and Why?. Big Analysis

This is common trend now-a-days that professionals are looking for other options as compared to their existing career. This is very true specially in the fields of IT/ITES sectors. Almost every day, I come across someone who is looking for an alternate option. He or she talks about new business opportunities, new ways to lead and live life, crippling about professional life etc. This made me to have a short research done and what I found is really amazing. Let me share with you.

You will be surprised to know where professionals are turning their heads and which areas they are targeting to get rid of existing working pattern. After a short research, I was just amused to see that many professionals from IT sector are looking great options and opportunities in Agro based businesses. This is generally a surprising element for any one who is already working in corporate and earning a handsome salary. So, why professionals/ technocrats are  looking for other options. I am putting some of the reason as per my thoughts

25 July 2018

5 Points Must be Considered while implementing a Business Intelligence (BI) System

Business Intelligence is the demand of contemporary era. There is one balloon blast post recession in terms of BI implementation. Many organizations are going for the BI implementation for a good visibility about the ongoing activities in organization. In my opinion following steps must be taken to make BI project a successful implementation.

1. Collect detailed requirements and add your comments as well. As a BI consultant it is your fundamental duty to appraise customer about the power of product and how it can be used for organizational Goal. Due to lack of knowledge at user end, many powers vested in a BI tool are not at all used. Therefore, the detailed study about the requirements must be done and your comments to be added. Your feedback should be approved by user and then only it should be added in to the project development.

2. Carry out strict stakeholder analysis. There are some users in every project implementation who are responsible for the failure of the project. They should be properly judged and a plan should be in place to handle such elements.

3. Carry out intensive training before go live. This training should also include about the detailed benefits of BI tool. How it is going to reduce the data collection time for managers and give then extra time for decision making. Also highlight the special features for analysis.

4. Plan for Change Management. You should be able to send information to all users that the idea of implementing the BI is not to highlight your mistakes, but it is to give a helping hand for decision making and giving clarity about the ongoing issues. This should facilitate the managers to plan for corrective and preventive actions in advance.

5. Involve the actual users during implementation(If possible). No BI is successful unless this is adopted by the actual users. If possible and situation permits, take actual users along with you in implementation. If not possible, at least keep them updated on current situation. This will help them to adopt the BI system easily.

The above steps are not exhaustive but are major point which should make a BI tool implementation as a success story from Project Management Point of view.

How to Speed Up your Laptop / Computer

Advance Window Care The usages of PCs(Personal Computers) have increased many folds in recent years. The lowering hardware cost with more powerful devices has added further demand in this segment. I am a computer user when the memory (HD) size was just 256KB. Today the size is in GBs. Then response time has become very fast. But I was experiencing that my PC has become very slow. This is 2 years old Laptop with 4GB Ram and was functioning well. When I further studied my system and took actions my system is working fine. I would like to share for your knowledge also(may be).

1. The disk was fragmented.

2. The RAM was increased to 4 GB, but as this was 32 bit OS, it was not utilizing full RAM.

3. PageFile was improperly set.

4. Too Many temporary files were available on system.

5. Too Many services were running and consuming too many resources.

6. Many unwanted programs were running in startup itself.
I fixed these issues and now the system is running fine.

1. I de-fragmented my disk. Also I created two partitions and now I am keeping my all documents in one drive and all system files in C drive.

2. The OS to 64 Bit could not be changed and stil it is 32 Bit only.

3. Page file was changed 1.5 times than RAM. 
Click Here to find out the way.

4. All Temporary files were removed.

5. Following unwanted services removed.

    a. Indexing Service

    b. Help and Support

    c. Error Reporting

    d. Automatic Update. (May be you can disable other unwanted services. But be very careful).

6. Many Unwanted program removed from startup.

To Carry out action # 4,5 and 6, I used
Advance Window Care tool(free version).
Thank God!. System is running fine now without increasing or changing any hardware.

The results are good. Please try and then your feedback is requested. If you have something to share, please add in comments to others to use.

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