09 August 2018

5 Super Healthy Foods may be troublesome for you? Must Read for all.

There are some food like Raisins, Watermelons, Potato, Mango, Milk, Fruit Juices etc which are treated and considered as super healthy food may be really dangerous for you, if you are suffering from diabetes. What are those super healthy foods, which may cause a health problem if you are suffering from Diabetes. 

1. Water Melon :- A fruit considered as super heavenly food for weight watchers. The fruit is very popular among people as it is full of water contents and contains great amount of  sugar contents. It may increase the sugar level drastically and immediately. The Watermelon has very high Glycemic Index level. 

In small quantity, watermelon can be useful as it has less GI Load. However, it may be really troublesome, if consume in considerable quantity. Please be careful. 

2. Raisins :- One cup of grape has 27 gram carbohydrates, where as one cup raisins has 115 carbohydrates. This itself specifies how the carbs values increase when fruits are dried. Over all dry fruits are not considered good for diabetic patients. But raisins specially are almost forbidden, if your sugar levels are higher. Raisins can really increase sugar level to dangerous level, if consumes in considerable quantity. Better to stay away or consumes in low quantity.

3. Mangoes :- Mangoes are considered as energy food. Sugar contents in Mangoes are really higher. Its GI is also touching 52. This is absolutely not advisable. Though, in a small portion is fine, but consuming a good amount can cause a worry for diabetic patients. 

4. Fruit Juices :- Juice extracted from fruits have low level of fibers as compared to actual fruits. Fructose in packaged fruit juice is very high. This can be cause of major concern as it will increase the sugar level instantly. Even if you are looking for fruit juices, do not take packaged one. Look for fresh fruit juices without added sugar and consider citrus fruits juice preferably. 

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5. Potatoes :- Very common food and used in every house in many forms. Where as fried Potatoes is completely forbidden, the boiled potatoes can be consumed in low quantities. The GI and Carbs level in Potatoes are higher. Therefore, it is advisable to stay away from Potatoes as much as possible. 

Above mentioned are some of food which are treated and considered very healthy, but may cause a serious concern for a patient with diabetic history. Really need to consider about the quantity to be consumed.

I hope, I could make some good piece of advice. If you liked, it, please leave a comment. 


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