27 August 2018

This Amazing Home Made Drink will make you Super Charged. Excellent for Whole Family

Our day to day activities are keeping us on Toes. Same situation is for our children. Increasingly influenced with technology causing major harms to their immune system, body strength and memory power. Multiple health drinks are available in market with huge claims and limited results. Even we are not really sure what has been added into these drinks. Some of major concerns people raises on these drinks are :-

  1. Why they are so expensive?
  2. Are they really beneficial for health?
  3. What are hidden ingredients or base material?
  4. Are they increase weight or make muscles
  5. Do they work to enhance immune power?
  6. And many more questions comes in mind. 
However, to overcome such questions/queries, I found a miracle health drink to boost immune system, body strength, memory power and protects over all health. I am using this drink for quite some time now. If you are able to understand Hindi, please watch this video, else follow below method to make it at home.

Ingredients Needed

Category 'A' Items
  1. Almonds - 125 Grams
  2. Green Pistachios (Non Salted) - 125 Gram
  3. Walnuts Peeled (Only Seeds)  - 125 Gram
  4. Musk Melon / Water Melon Seeds - 125 Gram
  5. Sugar - 125 Gram
Category 'B' Item

  1. Fennel Seeds - 3 Table Spoons
  2. Turmeric - 2 Tea spoons
  3. Black Paper - 2 tea spoon
  4. Nutmeg (Crushed) - 2 numbers
  5. Cardamom Seeds - 30 in numbers
  6. Saffron - 30 Strands. 
  1. Dry Roast category 'A' items(Except Sugar). Ensure that these should not burn out. TIP . Dry Roast on Sim Flame.
  2. After Dry Roast, put it in a big pan to cool down. This will help to evaporate moisture. 
  3. Switch off Flame
  4. The Pan is still hot. Put Category 'B' items and roast again (without flames)
  5. Put it in another Pan to cool down
  6. Once Category 'A' items are cooled down, grind in mixture.
  7. Once Category 'B' items cooled down, grin in mixture
  8. Mix them both well
  9. Keep them in Air tight container in Refrigerator for longer use.
TIPs :-
Do Not Make a fine Paste. It will create lumps.
Do not Grind for longer time. It will force seeds oil to get extracted sand will create lumps. 
If you do not like whole Cardamom, use seeds in stead.

How to use

  1. Every day in Morning, take one and half table spoon in a glass.
  2. Put four spoon of hot milk.
  3. Make a fine paste/liquid. This ensures no lumps in final drink.
  4. Put that in hot milk.
  5. Drink one glass daily.
  6. Start Seeing results within 3 days onward.
This is completely Ayurveda based health drink and does not have any contents which can even harm body. But do not consume over dose. This is very strong. Try it out and share results. I am using last many months. 


  1. Increase Body Immune System
  2. Increase Memory power
  3. Boost body strength
  4. Boost Vigor.
  5. Excellent Drink for Children
  6. Makes you feel refreshing whole day.
  7. Helps in managing stress.
  8. Its a Miracle Drink. Must try out. 

I am Sure you enjoyed it. Share your thoughts.

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