01 September 2018

11 Secret Function / Codes in Phone. Dial In...

Mobile phone has become our inevitable companion in modern time. I think, there will be hardly any person in the world who remembers and uses all the functions of a phone. By pressing certain key combinations, you can execute a function which may not be known to you otherwise. I am taking you through to some of the hidden functions which are really useful in some or other ways. However, be cautious when using some of these functions. You can watch theses function in Hindi Video here

1. Find IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity Number) 

Dial Code : *#06#

Available on : Android and iPhone

Image result for sample phone IMEI

2. Hide Number Identification 

Dial Code : *#30#

Available on : iPhone

Image result for hide number identification

3. Statistics and Hidden Menu Functions View

Dial Code : *#*#4636#*#*
  • Wifi
  • CPU Usages
  • Battery Life
  • Opens Secret Menu of Phone
Image result for hidden menu function in phone

4. Disable Outgoing Calls

Dial Code : *33*#

Available on iPhone.

To Disable Press *33*PIN#

5. Instantly Revert to Factory Setting

Caution :- This is irreversible. Use it with Caution. 

Dial Code : *#*#7780#*#*

Available : Android

Image result for factory reset

6. Reset All Setting at Once and reinstall phone firmware

Caution :- This is irreversible. Use it with Caution. 
Will remove all your files and reinstall phone firmware as well. 

Dial In :- *2767*3855#

Available : Android

7. Increase Communication Signals. Turns on EFR Coding

Dial In : - *3370#

Available on iPhone only. 

Consumes Battery aggressively. 

8. Listen Your Voice on Last 20 Phone Calls

Dial In :- *#*#8351#*#*

Available on Android only

You can listen your voice from last 20 calls

9. Quick Turning Off Your Phone. Without getting selection menu and long pressing power button. 

Dial In :- *#*#7594#*#*

Available in : iPhone

10 Activate Call Waiting on iPhone

Dial In : - *43#  

Available :- iPhone  

Image result for call waiting

11 Hide your Number from Outgoing Calls. Your Number will not be seen by other party. You can disable this by using same function code. 

Dial In : - #31#

Available in : Android and iPhone.

Image result for unknown number

I hope you liked the codes. Please use some codes with cautions as it may damage your phone.

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