08 September 2018

31 Best Places to Share and Promote your Blog or YouTube Videos

Your blog or YouTube channel cannot be popular unless these are shared on multiple platforms. The contents could be really the best, but unless that is shared with folks, it has no reach-ability to public and has no meaning. Many times, bloggers, creators are confused and dishearten because despite excellent contents they are not able to get enough traffic to their website or YouTube channel. I am helping people and myself as well by providing the list of places where you can share your contents to generate traffic and increase reach-ability.

Sharing Your Blog

1. Facebook :-

One of the most used Social Media platform. You must share all your contents are Facebook. This is good platform to get return traffic on your website of YouTube channel.

Blogging and SEO

The strength estimate of Facebook groups are measured with less power by folks. Please join like minded interest groups or create your own. When you are sharing any content on Facebook Groups, it is directly sent to interested people. Please do not under estimate the power of Facebook Groups, One such example is Here

This is a site where you will find Professionals discussing many thing. You should be careful not to span and do not just drop junk here. Otherwise, the site is really brilliant to get good amount of traffic to your website or channel.

Again, if your contents are really great and accepted by professionals, this another great place to share your contents. You can write an article and publish on LinkedIn Publishing. Follow this link to write and article.

Very active platform this is. If you are able to get followers  on this platform, this is going to be really aggressive on to get traffic. Here sharing and re-sharing continues for great contents.

Blogging and SEO

People talk about this platform less. But the amount of visits to this platform are absolutely amazing. Please do not forget to share your contents on google plus within like minded interest communities.

The Platform is owned by LinkedIn now. You can create slide show in slide share and link your videos to that slide share show. People looking for contents reaches to this site and it generates traffic.

This social platform is little different from others. Here pins are generated and when some user likes your pin, it reaches to your site. This generates good amount of traffic. But your graphics should be appealing.

9. Tumbler

Another blog to share anything you create. You can just create your account. People connects with you and your content are reachable to public.

Video uploading/ sharing site. You need to create your account and share your YouTube videos there. Still new, but generate good amount of traffic, if the contents are really good one.

11. Sharree

This is pretty new platform. Here you need to like and view videos to get your videos viewed. This is like, you scratch my back and I will scratch yours. However, you can buy credits to get your videos viewed.

This site plays video endlessly as name suggest. But main idea is that it brings the videos in loop and presents to viewer for viewing thus generating traffic.

Another pretty new platform to share your YouTube videos. This platform is progressing very fast. It creates a view for your video and safely provides you link to share that. It can generate good traffic too.

The platform migrated from StumbleUpon. The new platform is really good. You can create your interests and share the contents to targeted audiences.

15. Wimp

This is bookmarking website. Many time, it generate good amount of traffic through SEO.
Sharing Your Blog

16. Bitly

Another bookmarking and link shortening website. The links are fed into search engine crawlers. Can really generate traffic to your website of channel.

This site is just to bookmark your videos. You can bookmark and link your YouTube videos here. It also works like other book marking sites.

Ping your links and fed into search engines. This is pretty new platform. But can be really useful. It also checks and secures your broken links.

19. Digg

Digg is another good platform the share your contents. Digg Video  is for sharing the videos. The concept iof this website is altogether different. Worth to try out.

20. Medium

Great place to share your contents. This is accessed by many visitors. If you have good content, it can really generate huge traffic.

21. Reddit

Few days back only, Reddit changed its GUI. the interface was not appalling. New site is some what better. But, if your contents are liked at this site, it can make your site as king. It has many restrictions though. Be careful and follow rules, else you will be blocked on this site.

Millions of people ask questions on Yahoo answers. You can search your interest and provide answers with back-link to your blog or channel/videos. This can generate handsome traffic.

23. Pingler

It pings your link and feed to search engines. It generates traffic. Worth to try out. easy to use.

They are choosy people. If you are accepted in community, you are surely going to get good traffic. Never try to spam else you will be blocked without warning. 

Sharing Channel or Blog

Pretty new but looks to be powerful. You can share your contents from Blog at this page and people visits this to get great stuff. You are going to get traffic for sure. This is good site for small news and networking

26. Direct Emailing

If you have generated a mailing list data, you can use free mailing services like mail chimp to send directed mails to audiences. This method will also help you to find traffic to your blog or channel. 

Book mark your blog or channel link at this place. The bookmarking helps to generate traffic is known facts. 

Very popular platform for smaller clips. You must have an id on Instagram to share your videos. But you will not be able to share bigger videos here

This is also a good place to use for promoting your video/ blog. The user base is not that big. But it is growing very fast. This is a faster way to share instant moments.

30. Quora

Very powerful platform rto share your contents. But your should have patience and able to spend good amount of time to answer questions and add your back-link there itself. 

Something like Reddit. You submit your article and it is judged by others for up-voting or down voting. Must to give a try here. 

There may be many more platforms. If you know something, please share your thoughts in comment box for others to follow. However, I will be keep on adding or deleting the links/sites are this place. Keep watching and subscribe for getting updates. 

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