10 September 2018

Loose 2 - 5 Kg Weight in a Week by using Highly Effective and Lesser Known Home Remedy.

Weight loss is everybody's desire. Everyone wants to look slim and trim. Additionally, weight flab on your body may show signs of some coming disease. If the weight is more than recommended weight, increased are chances of having CVDs (Cardio Vascular Diseases ) or Diabetes or knee pain or join pain. Therefore, the recommended weight should be maintained. However, it does not correspond to every case. Though the remedy, I am suggested below is perfectly working and very easy to use, but I would suggest to see a doctor, if you are suffering from a chronic health issue.

Woman Measuring Her Waist

How to Find Ideal Weight

There are various ways to find the recommended weight. It is as per height and weight chart or as per BMI. which ever you feels is suitable for you, you can refer. You can refer below ideal weight and height chart provided by NHS. Find out your weight and check in which category you are falling in. 

Some people feels that weight and height chart is not accurate in all case. They may use BMI method of weight status calculation and find out whether they need to loose weight or not. To calculate your weight as per BMI and find current health status. Refer below calculator and calculate you BMI. 

content provided by NHS Choices

You will get results something like below. Which tells about current condition. It tells you about your Body Mass Index (BMI). It also tells you graphically whether you are in green line of amber or Red. Any BMI between 18.5 ~ 25 is treated a ideal. though in some cases, it may not be real accurate. The body builder, sportsman etc may have different results altogether. 

Now this condition tell you whether you need to look weight or not. If you need to loose weight, then you can refer below herbal based method and very easy to use for reducing weight and optimal level. This is also excellent stuff to maintain cholesterol levels. 


  • You need only Psyllium husk.
  • If you are not able to find in near your store you can buy from HERE
  • A glass of Water 
  • A spoon to stir

Suggested Precautions

  • This method should be followed for one week.
  • Then a break of one week should be given
  • Then you can follow again.
  • Then one week break and so on.
  • Do not use wet spoon to take psyllium from its box. It may get spoiled. 
  • Take one glass of normal water.
  • Put one heap spoonful Psyllium in glass.
  • Stir fast with spoon for 1.3 seconds.
  • Drink immediately.
  • The whole process of stirring and drinking should take 5-8 seconds. 
  • If it converts into gel, do not consume it. Else it may cause constipation.
  • 30 minutes before every main meals.
  • That means, it should be taken three time a day. 
  • After taking for a week, give a break for a week and then restart for a week. 
Method explained in Hindi

How does it Works

  • Psyllium is a soluble fiber derived from a plant in India. Scientific name of plant is Plantago Ovata.  In Indian context, the plant is called Isabghol ki Bhusi. 
  • It is used as dietary supplement.
  • It is found in form of husk, capsules or granules.
  • Psyllium husk is the main active ingredient in Metamucil, a fiber supplement often used to reduce constipation.
  • It has excellent water solubility. After reaching to stomach, it converts to gel in small intestine. It does not allow the food to get digested in small intestine. Thus automatically reduces the weight.
  • Additionally, its resistance to digestion in allows it to help in maintaining and regulating high cholesterol and blood sugar.
  • Stomach does not get empty quickly. Therefore, it reduces the appetite. decreased appetite means, reducing weight loss by natural way
  • For other benefits of psyllium, reach here
Please share your experience in comment box. I tried it and it is very effective home remedy. 

Stay Healthy, Stay Connected. 

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