06 September 2018

A Clove of Garlic under your Pillow and See unbelievable effects.

Garlic, a super food on earth. It has special mention since centuries. Due to its medicinal properties and amazing benefits, it is used in Egyptian, Indian, Italian, Chinese or Japanese cuisine since a long time. In modern time, almost every part of the world, the Garlic is used in cooking food. Due to huge health benefits, but bad smell, it was called as stinking rose. It finds it mention in documents dating back to 5000 years. Have a look at nutritional values of Garlic. 

25 ~ 28 Gram of Garlic in raw form contains:- (Details)

Watch detailed video here

Amount per selected serving - 136 Gms. 

Garlic nutrient values

What if, you put 1-2 clove of Garlic under your pillow while going to bed. Looks to be weird question or act. But, it is really amazing. What impacts ot effects it will have, let us see later. First, it me show you an amazing tonic to get rid of recurring flu or any condition due to poor immunity system.

Tonic :- Boost Immunity and cures recurring Flu

Ingredients :- 
  • 5-6 garlic clove - chopped
    • 1 table spoon ginger chopped
    • Apple Cider (Unfiltered)
    • 1 Lemon Juice
    • 2 Red Paper chopped
    Process :-
    1. Put copped Garlic in bottom of a glass jar (Appx 300 Ml) with air tight lid.
    2. Then put ginger paste in layer.
    3. Then put chopped chilies in another layer
    4. Then top it with lemon juice
    5. Then fill it apple cidar
    6. Keep it for a day or two.

    Consume daily twice a day till the time flu is gone. One table spoon at a time is enough. If needed, prepare another one. But once you get cured, the immunity will be real strong and recurring flu will not occur.
    garlic Honey

    Benefits of keeping Garlic under Pillow before sleep

    • Due to its medicinal effects, it create a protected area around you.
    • It stops insects infestation.
    • People believes that it forbid evils or negative energy to approach near you.
    • People also keeps Garlic clove in pant pocket to have good luck.

    Above an all- You will have sound and uninterrupted sleep. If you are suffering from sleeping disorder, don't forget to keep clove of garlic under your pillow before going to bed. 

    adult, attractive, beautiful

    Caution and Advise :- 
    • Avoid taking Garlic by frying in oil.
    • Take raw Garlic
    • Crush before taking the garlic. This increases its potency,
    • After crushing leave it for 10-15 minutes. It increases the potency further.
    • You can mix little olive oil or cilantro/ green coriander to reduce bad smell. 
    • Take every day to have excellent effects on
      • High Blood Pressure
      • Diabetes.
      • Heart problems
      • Respiratory related issues
      • Improve cholesterol  level. 
      • Improve Body immune system
      • Improve energy level.
    • But ensure to have it in right form and right way.
    Enjoy. Please subscribe. 

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