19 September 2018

What is Your Personality Type?. Do You Know?

A research was carried out at Northwestern University on Nature of Human Behavior. The research was carried out under the leadership of  Luis A.N AmaralIn this research, he has modeled four types of personalities found in the human behavior. What are those? Check under which category you are falling in?
Human behaviour

Based on the research paper inputs, I tried to create a picture of four different types of personalities determined related to human behavior. To make it more understanding, I added some of the common traits against each personality type. 
This is not the first time that such papers were released. However, the study was based on a very small group of people and always remained controversial. In this study, the group size is too big. Whooping 1.5 Million survey responses were analyzed on 4 personality types and 5 character traits. 

Below personality types were categorized based on 5 character traits. 
  • Role Model
  • Reserved
  • Self Centered
  • Average

5 different character traits used to determine the above personalities are.
  • Neuroticism: Frequently having negative emotions. 
  • Extraversion: Talkative with dominance style.
  • Openness: Appreciate others with open thoughts
  • Agreeableness: Tendency to agree and go with others. 
  • Conscientiousness: Careful, Punctual, Hard Working and Follow the Rules.
character traits
As per the traits given for various personality types are

Role Model
Role Model Personality
  • Low in neuroticism.
  • High in all the other traits.  
  • They are good leaders, 
  • Dependable 
  • Open to new ideas.
  • Adaptive
  • Able to lead from Front
  • Can prove a great mentor
  • Others follow them and listen to them
  • They may develop Charisma to attract people. 


Average Personality traits
  • Most common type of personality
  • Found in the majority of people
  • high in neuroticism 
  • High in Extraversion, 
  • Low in openness. 
  • Tend to speak up less
  • Fear of sharing ideas
  • Generally followers
  • May prove to be good workers
  • Follow Rules with fear.
  • Not open for changes always

Reserved Personality Trait
  • Emotionally stable
  • Not open
  • Not Neurotic. 
  • Not particularly extroverted
  • Somewhat agreeable 
  • Somewhat conscientious.
  • Introvert
  • Does not like the talkative person
  • Remains in own world of thoughts
  • May prove a result, oriented individual.
  • May bring up a great idea but may not be able to sell.
Self Centred

Self Centered
  • Very high in extraversion
  • Below average in openness, 
  • Below Average in agreeableness
  • Below Average in conscientiousness.
  • Too Talkative 
  • Dominant in Nature
  • Always Aim to achieve their goals. 
  • May grow well in self-owned business
  • Does not care about others losses
  • Completely self-driven 
  • More concerned with their image 
  • Found of Materialistic things 
  • No interest in issues that affect the entire country and even the rest of the world
You can check yourself where you fall and in which category. Additionally, it will help you to define the path for improving your traits and yourself finally. 

Thanks for reading. Share your thoughts and take on about this article. 

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