31 January 2019

30 January 2019

How to calculate Early Start (ES) and Early Finish (EF) . Forward Pass.

How to calculate
Early Start (ES) and
Early Finish (EF).
Forward Pass.
Which leads to determining of Critical Path.

29 January 2019

कैसे जाने सरपंच द्वारा खर्च किये पैसे की जानकारी. How much Budget Your P...

आपके गांव में पंचायत को कितना पैसा मिला

ब्लॉक समिति को कितना  मिला

जिला परिषद् को कितना पैसा मिला

कितना पैसा इस्तेमाल हुआ

सारी जानकारी सिर्फ एक लिंक पर.

26 January 2019

- What are Dependencies in Activities Sequencing?

- What are Dependencies in Activity sequencing, Precedence diagramming method?
- How to identify Dependencies while defining activities sequence.
-Are Dependencies determination is too important while preparing the schedule.
- Details about Dependencies examined. Easy to understand for PM professionals and PMP certification aspirants.

25 January 2019

What is Structure of Precedence Diagramming Method

In series of Precedence Diagramming Method (PDM), 
Understand the Structure of Precedence diagraming method. (PDM). 
It is necessary to understand for PMP aspirants and PM professionals.

22 January 2019

How to Create Scatter Chart/Diagram/Plot. What are usages of Scatter Chart/Scatter Plot

In Seven tools of Quality, this is my last explanation of Scatter Chart.

Scatter Charts are also known with below names

  • Scatter Chart
  • Scatter Diagram
  • ScatterGram
  • Scatter Plot
  • X Y chart
What are usages?
How to create?
How to Interpret?

Find the details in below video. A detailed explanation for easy understanding. 

21 January 2019

[One Minute Learning ] - How to Creat Histogram in One Minute time

[ One Minute Learning ]

How to create Histogram in less than one minute using Excel. It is too easy.
Current software is giving added advantages. Learn how can we exploit the powers of such tools.

[One Minute Learning] - How to Create Histogram in one Minute

One Minute Learning.

How to create Histogram in ONE minute and with very easy steps. Watch Detailed video.

20 January 2019

[Control Charts]- How to Create and Use ? 7 Tools of Quality.

Control charts perform consistent role in monitoring and analysis of Processes.

To get answers if below queries...
1. What are control charts!
2. How to easily create control charts?
3. How to read and analyse control charts output.
4. What is rule of seven.
5. Easy method of creating Control Charts.
6. What are main advantages of using control charts in decision making.

Find your answers in below link with detailed explanation. Excellent explanation specially for PMP aspirants.


You can also watch Detailed explanation here

19 January 2019

[One Minute Leaning] - How Create Pareto Chart in 1 Minute. Is it Too Simple?


I will tell you how you can create Pareto Chart in 1 minute using Excel software.

Is it true?

Please check below detailed video to create a Pareto chart in 1 minute. You will be amazed to see such a great way.

[Pareto chart] - How to create and interpret Pareto Diagram

Some of the main questions explained about Pareto Chart in below Video.
  1. What is Pareto Chart?
  2. Why we call it 80/20 rule
  3. Who have invented this method
  4. What are the usages of Parero
  5. How to create Pareto Chart with ease of use in excel
  6. Why it is important to understand the understand Preto chart for PMP aspirants
  7. How Pareto chart helps managers/data scientist to analyze the data
  8. What are the steps to create a Pareto Chart? Watch till the end for easy understanding. 
  9. Subscribe my Channel. 

18 January 2019

[Histogram] - Best Way to Learn and Create Histogram

Under 7 Tools of Quality, I have created a video with a detailed explanation. This will reply to some of your below questions.

1. What is Histogram

2. How to create it very easily.

3. What are best usages of Histogram?

4. How to interpret the Histogram Data.

5. How to make best use of Excel to create Histogram.

6. Why it is important for Data Analytics.

15 January 2019

What are Seven Tools of Quality in Project Management

Quality Management is another major knowledge area, every project manager must possess. Those who are PMP aspirants or those who are working as Project Managers or on Projects must know and understand quality tools.
It is said that "If you could not Measure anything, you cannot control". However, to measure, you need data and ways to analysis to derive the result for optimum decision making. 

In project management, PMI suggests 7 tools of quality to measure various aspects in the project. Please find detailed overview of these tools. Just for future learning don't forget to follow/subscribe and press the alert bell to get the notification on top priority. 

Seven Tools of QC are explained.

How to Install Latest Updates and Check for Virus, Malware, Adware ? | Speed Up your Computer

Till now we have discussed 7 tips to speed up your PC. In the segment "Adopting and Applying Best Practices", I am going to tell y...