28 June 2019

One Nation, One Election - Is it Feasible in India? Pros and Cons (Details analysis)

One Nation One Election - Burning Hot Topic - Detailed Analysis

Watch the video for detailed analysis (Hindi)

In India 'One nation One election' means conducting elections for Loksabha, Vidhan Sabha and Local bodies elections at the same time. In India, at the time of Loksabha elections, some states will have their Vidhan Sabha elections but the majority of states will have Vidhan Sabha elections at different periods.

There are pros and cons for 'One nation One election' concept.


Taking present honorable Prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi into account, whenever there were elections in Gujarat, UP, Karnataka and in some other states, he was labeled as Star Campaigner for BJP. He almost campaigned in every state. This wasted so much valuable time. If 'One nation One election' is implemented then we can reduce this campaigning time.
Implementing this concept will reduce the consumption of money, petrol, etc. For example, in Karnataka Vidhan Sabha elections takes place 4 years later to Loksabha elections. Politicians should campaign for both these elections consuming so much manpower, time, fuel for vehicles, etc.
For elections Government employees like teachers, etc will conduct election works. If two elections take place at different times, their valuable time and energy will be wasted. It will be wasted in case of Government teachers.
Beyond these there are so many pros will be followed by implementing this concept.


This will be a bit sarcastic. In India usually, politicians meet the people at the time of elections only. If this system is implemented people will have only one chance to meet the politicians for every 5 years. Today people have Loksabha, Vidhan Sabha, Municipal, etc elections to meet Politicians. This scrutinizes the accountability of the politicians.
The concerns become worst when Loksabha is dissolved at any time. This poses questions such as. Is it required to dissolve all state assemblies if Loksabha was dissolved?
If this system is enforced in upcoming 2019 elections then it will be a huge problem in many states like Karnataka, Gujarat, U.P, etc. Karnataka Vidhan Sabha elections were held in 2018 if they conduct Vidhan Sabha elections in 2019 then the ruling party will not be comfortable with this.
Enforcing this concept is a challenging one.

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PowerPoint Presentation

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