29 July 2020

How to Enable ULTIMATE Performance Mode in Windows 10. Speed Up Your PC

How to setup Ultimate performance mode in windows 10

On April 10 2018 through its Windows Update, Microsoft introduced new performance mode for High-end PCs. The name given to this performance mode is Ultimate Performance Mode. This performance mode is especially for those users who are heavily thirsty for their system performance and does not really care for energy or resources use. So, how you can enable the "Ultimate Performance Mode". Find out the steps now. 

Below a few settings must be done beforehand. If still needed then look at how to enable Ultimate Performance mode. 


  • It is rolled out only for Work Stations having Windows 10 Pro as Operating System.
  • This feature cannot be enabled on battery-powered devices like laptops.
  • Manually, it can be enabled in Laptops using Power Shell. However, this will consume too much power.
  • Microsoft disabled the function as standard on laptops because the mode works to remove micro-latencies to enhance the performance and thus consumes more power.
  • Microsoft says that Ultimate Performance Mode will make the following changes in your system.
    • Hard Disk will always be on "ON" state and will never turn off. Thus it turns off sleep mode for Hard disk.
    • CPU will never be on rest.
    • Wireless Adapter Settings is set to Maximum Performance.
    • The Hibernation mode is turned off.
    • Processor power management is fixed to 100%.
    • The display will turn off only after 15 minutes of inactivity.
    • The quality of video playback is optimized.


Note: This mode can be enabled only in Windows 10 Operating System. Follow the below steps to Enable the Ultimate Performance Mode.

Step 1: In the " Type here to Search" column near Start Menu, write "Command".

Enable Ultimate Performance Mode in Windows 10

Step 2:  Right Click on "Command Prompt" and Select as "Run as Administrator".

Step 3: When Command Windows appears write below command.

powercfg -duplicatescheme e9a42b02-d5df-448d-aa00-03f14749eb61

Step 4: Press ENTER Key and Look for "Ultimate Performance" Keyword (Refer Image)

Step 5: In some cases, you may have to reboot the system. 

Step 6: Right, Click on Battery Icon in the Notification Area and Select Power Options OR for the next actions. Click here to follow the Steps. 

Step 7: Select Create Power Plan / Advance

Step 8: Now you will find "Ultimate Performance Option" to select (Refer image).

Step 9: Select the "Ultimate Performance Option". It is Done. 

Step 10: Reboot System.

Conclusion: This setting or "Ultimate Performance Mode" is energy and resources hungry. I have already shared the impacts of this setting. Be wise, before selecting this option. I personally, do not advise it. 


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