06 July 2020

Is China Globally Isolated due to Standoff with India?

Eye Ball to Eye Ball deployment is continuing between Indian and Chinese troops continuously on 9th Week in the Laddakh sector. Two Asian superpowers are in verbal conflict on the highly active border between India and China. Slowly the whole world is leaning towards this situation which is resulting in the isolation of China. World military powers like the USA, Russia, Israel, UK, France, Japan, Australia, Germany, etc are participating passively or actively to isolate China.

One fine day, suddenly, the Indian government rocked the world by banning 59 Chinese apps in India in the pretext of national security. It was learned that the banned Chinese apps were Indian user's data and information with Chinese authorities. Despite, reservations raised by Chinese foreign ministry, the Indian Government did not lend any ear and continued striking on the Chinese economy through wallet power. The demand among Indian people was picking up strongly that Chinese products must be boycotted and wallet power to be used to teach a lesson to China. All over India, the number of demonstrations is happening and people are just boycotting Chinese items.

Following the Indian government decided to ban the apps, many states' government and central government departments have removed Chinese companies as bidders in many contracts. Even if some contracts were assigned to Chinese companies, the agreements were terminated. Almost all Chinese companies working in India are facing the heat of Boycott Chinese Items wave. National security, Poor Product quality, Human rights issues, expansionist policy, not sharing information about Covid19 are the main causes behind such strong decisions.

After the Indian governemetn took such a decision, now the USA, Japan, UK, European countries are also removing Chinese companies from 5G rollout. Even if, equipment is installed by Chinese companies like Huawei are asked to be replaced as early as possible. Samsung phones have seen a big jump in sales. Tata Cars have seen good numbers. Indian and Eupeapon companies are getting construction and telecom contracts replacing Chinese companies. Huge losses are expected out of contract cancellation and barred from applying in tenders.

Except for a few countries, almost none in the world is leaning towards China. China is facing a big hit and global heat on its economy. Its internal problems are making it fragile further. Probably, the Chinese government is calculated to present the Indian government. Highly ambitious plans are also making China jittery and prone to global isolation. If China whats to be again in business, it will take years together to win the trust of the global world. Some steps have to be taken immediately by China.

  1. Leave its expansionist behavior and ambition.
  2. Resolve all border conflicts with all countries amicably.
  3. Remove PLA from the Indian border immediately.
  4. Stop violating the human rights of Uighur Muslims.
  5. Freedom to Hongkong.
  6. Recognition of Taiwan as an independent country.
  7. Bring democracy in China.

By such actions, it may be back to normal. However, it will take time. People think, if China starts a war with India, China will break into 5 parts. Though time will tell. At least, Standoff is continuing as it is and no result is visible in the near future. Probably China has badly miscalculated Indian stand this time. Therefore, it is becoming isolated in the world and reaching no point of return.

We have to see future trends...

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